Key Facts

Procedure Name: Labiaplasty

Anaesthetic: Local  

Duration of Surgery: 1 hour

Recovery Time: 10 days

Prices from: £2,750


Why do women decide to undergo Labiaplasty?

A woman’s decision to undergo labia surgery is personal. Every labia is different and completely normal. However, if you feel that the size and shape of your external genital structures are causing you discomfort, irritation, embarrassment and general unhappiness, having labiaplasty may be the right decision for you to make in order to address these troubling concerns.

Why shouldn’t be embarrassed about having Labiaplasty?

Due to the expertise, professionalism and distinction of our plastic surgeons, many women have confided in us about the dissatisfaction they have regarding their genital area, and seek our surgical expertise in labia cosmetic surgery to correct their problem. They do this because they are certain that we can achieve the results they expect.

You will be in the safe hands of one of our female plastic surgeons.

Is labiaplasty the same as having a ‘Designer Vagina’?

Medically speaking, the labia minora is part of the vulva and not the vagina. Whilst some do refer to labia surgery as a part of the designer vagina aesthetic, it should not include labiaplasty.

Is my labia normal?

You will be advised at your consultation that there is no fixed idea of what a normal labia should look like. Labia comes in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours. You should carry out some private research on the labia to gain a better understanding of how no two are ever the same.

Is the satisfaction rate high?

Yes. Previous patients have come to Cosmedicare for labiaplasty because they are certain that we can achieve the results they expect.  Several studies have indicted that the vast majority of woman are satisfied post-surgery – banishing any misconceptions that labiaplasty is in anyway harmful.


Departing Cosmedicare

You will be provided with:

  • Any medication required
  • Spare dressings
  • Follow up appointment


  • Don’t drive home yourself – arrangements can be made for a private driver to take you home.
  • Rest as much as possible.
  • A balanced diet will be key. It is important to avoid constipation, so you may wish to add more fibre to your diet as well as drinking plenty of fluids.
  • Take your prescribed medication.
  • Avoid drinking and smoking.

Going back to work

You can usually return to work after 1 week off, however your plastic surgeon will be able to advise you better as each case is different.

Day to day activities

Showering. You may wash after you return home, it would beneficial add some salt to your bath. Use soft baby shampoos, and gently pat the area dry before adding your ointment.

Drive. You should not drive for at least a week after surgery as you will be on pain medication.

Clothing. Wear loose underwear and avoid any tight trousers.

Tampons. You should not use tampons until after your labia has healed.

Exercise. Avoid any kind of exercise that involves wearing tight sports wear that may cause friction for at least a month after surgery.

Sex. You should avoid having intercourse, until your wounds are fully healed and you feel comfortable.

When to Call

If your concerned something is not right you should call us if:

Your swelling is not healing.

You have redness along the incision (this could be an infection).

You are having symptoms from your prescribed medication.

You have a high temperature.

Your incisions are secreting discharge.

You have excessive bleeding.

Please call us on …..

What to expect

You will go home the same day as your surgery, however, it will be a few weeks before you are completely back to normal.

Swelling will make the labia look different to what it will look like after a few weeks.

Your swelling will lessen after a few weeks, although you may endure some minor swelling for up to three months. 

The satisfaction rate for labiaplasty is very high, and the chances of having to undergo revision surgery are low, so you can be confident that we will achieve the results you expect!


Labiaplasty can be carried out in around an hour using a local anaesthetic.

Some of the risks involved in Labiaplasty are:

Bleeding, Swellings and Infection.


Under or Overcorrection

The need for revision