Key Facts

Procedure Name: Pinnaplasty/Otoplasty

Anaesthetic: Local

Duration of Surgery: 1-2 hours

Recovery Time: 1 week, 6 weeks before hard exercise

Prices from: £2,450


What are some of the improvements provided by Pinnaplasty?
  • Repositioning protruding ears closer to the head
  • Reducing the size of large ears
  • Correcting misshapen ears, such as “lop ears” (when the tip folds down and forward), and “shell ears” (when the curve in the outer rim of the ear is missing)
  • Enhancing ear lobes that are oversized, stretched, or wrinkled
  • Improving symmetry between ear shape or size
  • Creating new ears for patients with birth defects
  • Reconstructing ears damaged by injury
Will this surgery affect my hearing?

No. Don’t worry. Pinnaplasty will not affect your hearing, and usually only leaves very faint scars that your surgeon will conceal behind your ears.

After Care

Recovery from otoplasty doesn’t take long.

The dressing will be removed the day after and an athletic style headband is put in place for one week and worn all day and night. It is only removed for a short time each day so cleaning can be carried out. After a week, it can be worn at night for a month.

Pain should be minimal, and some swelling and bruising is expected however most of it subsides within a week, when the majority of patients resume to normal activities.


The success rate of otoplasty surgery is very high.

You may however experience some bruising, swelling or infection, which can be treated with antibiotics.

Other risks will be discussed during your consultation. 

What to expect

You should see an immediate improvement in the shape of your ears. There should be little bruising.