Procedure Name: Revision Breast Augmentation

Anaesthetic: General

Duration of Surgery: 1-2 hours

Recovery Time: 1-2 weeks

Prices from: By consultation


How will the recovery time differ from the first procedure?

If you are considering revision surgery you will have some idea of what the recovery process is like. Depending on the complexity of surgery, a revision can be quite straight forward. A simple exchange of implants which are the same size would not be as invasive as more complex revisions that will require more time to recover.

Will my implants need to be changed in years’ time?

No. Your breast implants will not need to be replaced. However, over time implants can cause problems and may need to be swapped or removed for safety or cosmetic reasons. Please be aware that you may require additional breast surgery at a later date. 

Are there any alternatives to implants?

Of course! If you are looking to increase by just a cup size or so, you may wish to consider fat transfer to your breasts instead. Fat transfer is a procedure that has been used for years – particularly in breast cancer patients. The surgeon will remove fat from your tummy or thigh area using liposuction. This may be a suitable option if you would prefer not to put anything “foreign” into your body.  However, it must be stressed that the results of fat transfer will be modest and the increase in volume is not as reliable as using implants. Fat transfer will not correct droopiness of the breasts.

What are the advantages of fat transfer?

The main advantages of fat transfer are:

  1. It’s completely natural.
  2. Avoid any complications associated with implants.
  3. Recontour your body in the process. 
  4. Less visible scarring.
What are the disadvantages of fat transfer?

There are also several disadvantages which are:

  1. Only a small change to breast size and shape.
  2. Fat can be reabsorbed into your body, running the risk of multiple treatments and additional costs.
  3. Will not correct droopiness.
  4. Dual procedures are more expensive (liposuction and breast augmentation).
Should I consider implants instead of fat transfer?

Implants will provide a more substantial change to the size and shape of your breasts and provide a more consistent result that is less likely to need further procedures post-surgery. 

What to expect

Following surgery, patients can expect some pain and discomfort, but this can be managed with medication. Minor bruising, swelling, and a numb sensation will likely affect the breasts and nipples within the first few weeks after your procedure. Stitches are typically removed within 10 days of surgery. You are usually able to return to normal routines within a few days to a week.

You should not expect to see overnight results and it could take up to six months for the final shape of your breasts to become apparent.

Any concerns can be answered by our surgeons before the revision is carried out.


Whether you have had or considering breast implants – please take some time to read through the advice on aftercare.

Departing Cosmedicare

You will be provided with:

  • Any medication required
  • Spare dressings
  • Follow up appointment

Post-Surgical Bras

Cosmedicare will guide you on how to pick a good surgical bra that will support and provide comfort after surgery. You can find excellent surgical bras in high street stores such as Marks and Spencer’s and Matalan!

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  • Don’t drive home yourself – arrangements can be made for a private driver to take you home.
  • Rest as much as possible.
  • A balanced diet will be key!
  • Take your prescribed medication.
  • Avoid drinking and smoking.

Going back to work

You can usually return to work after 1-2 weeks off, however your plastic surgeon will be able to advise you better as each case is different.

Day to day activities

Showering. You may wash after you return home however it is important not to soak your dressings.

Drive. You should not drive for at least a week after surgery as you will be on pain medication.

Sleep. Ensure you are comfortable and try not to sleep on your tummy for at least three weeks.

Exercise. Give your arms a rest! You should not use your arms to support your body for the first few days. Contact sport should be avoided for at least a couple of months.

When to Call

If your concerned something is not right you should call us if:

Your swelling is not healing.

You have redness along the incision (this could be an infection).

You are having symptoms from your prescribed medication.

You have a high temperature.

Your incisions are secreting discharge.

You have excessive bleeding.

Please call us on …..

Risks you shoulder consider

The complexity of revision surgery can vary. This type of surgery can be unpredictable. All prior complications from the first breast implant procedure can still occur following revision surgery.

You can discuss any concerns with your plastic surgeon during your consultation.